Masks causing breakouts??

Many people are hardly recognizing themselves, and it’s not just because we barely see our faces….it’s because once we do we uncover acne that we haven’t seen since our teen years (or maybe never!). Wearing a mask all day or for even a shorter period of time causes perspiration in an area that we don’t usually perspire in. Once that occurs bacteria begins to breed and cause acne.

Now this is in NO WAY advocating not wearing a mask. The question is……. “How can we make changes that can help minimize these breakouts?”

There are a few simple steps to help!

~Change/wash your mask everyday.

~Chose a mask with antimicrobial fabric to help cut down on what is able to grow ON the mask

~Chose a mask with an interior lining made of a moisture wicking fabric, such as a soft cotton.

~Avoid wearing makeup under your mask if possible

~If at all possible, find a safe area to remove your mask and get fresh air to your skin throughout the day

The next step is how to treat your skin if breakouts are a foreign concept to you but a new reality?

~Spot treat your face. Most of these changes are due to a shock to your skin. This is likely not changing your entire face. Continue to use your regular skin care on the areas like your forehead and upper cheeks that are not affected.

~Glycolic and salicylic acid are your new best friends. These are both excellent for acne prone skins. Glycolic can also aid in antiaging and several other skin concerns so a cleanser with glycolic COULD be used over the entire face.

~For many, the skin may be irritated or raw from the mask. In that case I would recommend a gel or foam based cleanser if the skin is also breaking out and then simply use a salicylic cream topically on the breakouts ONLY. If your skin is more dry and raw I would say to use a soothing cream based cleanser and follow up with an Arnica balm or Hyaluronic acid based serum or cream to build up the skins strength.

Remember that STRESS is one of the biggest factors impacting the skin as well. This is such a stressful time in our world but take a few minutes everyday to meditate, walk, do yoga or just play with the kids or the dog. Inflammation in the body results in inflammation in the skin so take time for yourself each and every day!!!

JAANUU masks are made with antimicrobial scrub fabric and are some of my favorites $25 for a pack of 5

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