Oscar Favs 2018

Oscar Favs 2018



I don’t know about the rest of you- but for me the Oscars are much more about the hour or so of red carpet coverage than the actual show which typically involves movies I haven’t even seen.

That being said, it is so easy for us to sit on our couches with our hair in top knots and not a stitch of makeup on our chip-eating faces and pass judgement on those that spent hours (more like months) prepping for one night.

We all have our  favs.

Some prefer the classic Hollywood beauties.  Some prefer simplicity and some  prefer to see those taking serious risks.

I personally am a Hollywood kind of girl. I love the look of a dress with a beautiful feminine silhouette, a classic full lash and a smoky eye along with a beautifully defined lip.

That is the look that resonates with me year after year.

This year there was a wide range of looks but I would say that the most common thread was a clean face with very little contour, a drop of blush and a striking eye and lip. We are seeing much less liner this season than in the recent past and a simpler look is prevailing.

To be honest, I have seen much more artistic vision on the red carpet from our favorite actresses in previous years. 

However,  my hands down favorite was Zendaya this year. Her beautifully contoured cheekbones and soft yet smoldering eye brings a very captivating look to this young beauty.


Although Zendaya was my favorite makeup-  I did have several favorite gowns and overall looks. Gina Rodriquez and Molly Simms wore striking fantastic plunging neckline gowns. But the woman that stole the show for me was Helen Mirren. She never ceases to impress me. Her stunning beauty and silhouette are only outshined by her grace and elegance.

Once again Ms Mirren you give us all a lot to aspire to!