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Revitalash Advanced Lash Conditioner

Available in several sizes this product promotes growth of the lashes. After nightly use for about six weeks I can personally see a change in my lashes!  Many products have my eyes crying like a newborn baby but this solution goes on with nothing more than a mild tingle. (TRUE tingle not a burn). Occasionally if I needed to I would just keep my eyes closed for about 30 seconds until the solution is set.  In the first few weeks my lashes became slightly more full and shall we say “cooperative”. My lashes are typically useless and sparse. The first few weeks made them SOO much easier to apply mascara to and I actually like the way they looked! After the full six weeks I saw longer, fuller lashes!

~Available at Eden Day Spa and Salon for $98 for 2mls or $150 for 3.5mls