“Simpler times” simpler skincare

In many ways SIMPLE may not define these times, but the more time I am at home, the more I find myself behaving in ways that our parents or grandparents may have. I am  spending time taking walks with the kids or having long family dinners.  So I was thinking about how this applies to beauty regimes right now as well.

If you were one of the wise ones that while everyone else was stockpiling TP, you ran to the spa and stocked up on all of your treatment masks and exfoliants then I am SUPER impressed with your forethought!!!!  (Hopefully you also grabbed a few rolls and some food too. lol)

However, if you are like many people and it wasn’t at the top of your list but now are feeling pretty down in the dumps I have a few ways to brighten up your day.  I know all of my clients are going sans facial for the next few weeks (I MISS YOU ALL!!) So why not have some facial fun at home. Let’s go a little old school while everyone has the time to do it.   There are powerful ingredients in things you have at home that will get you through until you can see your Esty in a few weeks! I had a beautiful model who is currently home with school closures to model one of my masks!

9 year old Giada models a banana and lemon mask to help with minor breakouts.


Bananas are a huge source of moisture as well as help brighten the skin. These yellow power-houses  are even beneficial for acne prone skin types.  They even have some vitamin A!!!  Now I’m not saying that it’s time to toss your favorite retinol for a banana but it will help get you a little boost!!

Remember before you put on a mask you want to properly prep the skin. Be sure to cleanse the skin well. After a thorough cleanse you will want to exfoliate. Your fridge can also provide the sources for that as well:

Mix 2 Tbs of pumpkin puree with a Tbs of papaya and a bit of egg. Whip them together and apply to the skin. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes and then remove with a tepid cloth. You could be surprised with the tingle that the pumpkin can have.
(In the spirit of not wasting anything I hope you can also bake a nice pie! LOL)

Once you have exfoliated, apply your favorite banana mask mixture….

Normal skin: Just smash and apply! I find that whipping it with a fork works the best.

Sensitive skin:  Blend plain oats in a blender to make into a sandy like texture and  mix with about 3 inches of a banana

Oily skin: Mix 3 inches of banana with a pinch of lemon and a 1/2 teaspoon of honey. The lemon has an astringent quality and the honey is antibacterial to help slow acne production.


Being stuck at home doesn’t always have to be boring and just because it may only be you and your family at home or maybe even just you and the dog you still want to feel great about yourself. A little self-care goes a long way!!!!












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